Feedstuffand Feed Additives


We support the stable supply of livestock and farmed seafood products together with a sustainable development of the producers of such products.

The Daiwa Fine Chemicals Overseas Business Department works with suppliers around the world to support the food supply in Japan. We offer safer and higher quality feeds and feedstuff additives to livestock feed manufacturers, large-scale farms, and the farmed seafood industries. We share the latest information using our overseas networks and can supply import material sources with new features as our standard products. We do this by working together with our Research and Development Division and Manufacturing Division.

We respond to what our customers need and are concerned about for livestock feeds.
Please share your concerns with us.

The Overseas Business Department for Daiwa Fine Chemicals responds to what our customers need by taking advantage of both the worldwide network we’ve cultivated as well as the track record and experience we have in delivering to manufacturers of formula feeds. If, for example, you have questions or concerns about ordering products from overseas, about chemical analyses, about environmental issues, or even about plans for feeds that would increase the value of your final product, please feel free to reach out to us.