R&D Division

We began with a desire for innovation—to create products the world had never before seen. The Daiwa Kasei Group develops unique products in harmony with the environment.

The R&D Division at Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Laboratory), has opened up new and unique paths for the company, challenging us to do things that no one else has done before. We’ve focused on specific fields, identifying niche markets that few other companies are involved in, to dive deeper into our technologies and to develop unique products. We have also worked hard to create an environment that allows for the talents of each of our research personnel to shine.

Our R&D System

Creating a R&D system that understands the future

We have created an integrated research and development system that covers everything from the basic technology research that supports existing products to forward-looking technology research for applications in new areas and seed research to encourage areas with future growth potential.

The Scope of Our R&D Work

Creating new added values where we excel

There are three groups centered on the core technologies for organic chemistry—the Plating Group, Corrosion Inhibitor Group, and Fine Chemicals Group—in addition to our Product Development Department. All are involved in advancing our foundational technologies, in diversifying our applicable technologies, and in developing products that create new values that would help open up new markets.

Research and Testing Equipment (part)

The R&D Division is the Development Hub
for our Creative Products

The R&D Division is located within our Akashi Factory, the production core for Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Laboratory). Research and development work requires both uniqueness and speed. Our researchers are closely aligned with their coworkers in the adjacent Manufacturing Division as well as the Trading Division within the same group. Our research work is focused on developing new products faster than ever before.