Metal Finishing Chemicals


The DAIN Series: Advanced plating solutions using materials that are kinder on the environment.

From the very beginning, the Daiwa Kasei Group has specialized in metal finishing. We have been deeply involved in research for both tin and tin alloy plating solutions for applications in electronics and semiconductors. We have developed many creative products and sell them as the DAIN series. Furthermore, we were also the world’s first to successfully bring to market a non-cyanide silver plating solution and have also developed products like our lead-free plating solutions. Our technologies for applying plating solutions in ways that protect the environment are ranked at the top here in Japan.

We offer the total solution concerning “Plating”
which requires by customers.

DAIWA KASEI offer “NEW PLATING PROCESS” to solve problems regarding plating such as improvement environmental problem, working environment and total cost reduction.

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