Trading Division

We use our manufacturing capabilities, based in a spirit of collaboration, to deliver optimal solutions to our customers.

We have two sales business centers: one in Kobe and one in Tokyo. We sell the products that we have developed, including metal finishing chemicals, corrosion inhibitors, ultraviolet absorbers, and organic fine chemicals. We also sell products from other companies that we carry, including food materials, feed materials, and other chemical products. Our business personnel are responsible for developing new markets for our products and for creating and acting on new sales proposals. They focus on gathering information and providing feedback to the Research and Development Division and to the Manufacturing Division to drive the development of new products.

Sales Department, Kobe Head Office

We are expanding our consulting services
that utilize our techniques and knowledge in chemistry.

We are expanding our business activities in the western part of Japan, focusing on products developed in-house. Our business personnel possess a wealth of knowledge in chemistry. Our consulting services, therefore, help to provide our customers with the information, products, and technologies they need. Our corrosion inhibitor sales representatives, for example, are certified in that field. Their ability to offer appropriate advice to our customers helps to build trust. Our business personnel responsible for metal finishing chemicals and for fine chemical products work hard to give useful presentations that can solve customer problems.

Sales Department, Tokyo Office

We earn our customers’ trust as a trading company
with carefully attentive support.

Our strengths as a trading company stand out in the Kanto area as our business activities focus on our in-house products, chemical products, health food materials, and more. We are particularly proud of the many years of expertise we have built for chemical products. We have created an integrated system that offers everything from consulting to product delivery. Our thorough and direct interactions with customers enable us to support them in a wide variety of solutions. We focus on our inorganic industrial chemicals to deliver environmental products for concerns that include water treatment. These solutions are deployed to government agencies and to public company factories.

Overseas Business Department

Finding high quality and high-performing products
worldwide for feedstuffs.

The Overseas Business Department for the Daiwa Kasei Group works with suppliers around the world to provide high quality and high-performing feedstuffs and feed additives to feed manufacturers and large-scale farms. Actively pursuing new business models to contribute to the domestic livestock and farmed seafood industries. This work includes, for example, importing soy protein as a substitute feed material from India to replace the fish used as feed when hauls of these fish are down.