Corrosion Inhibitors


Safe, clean corrosion inhibition. The VERZONE® Series is gentle on working people.

The VERZONE® Series centers on volatile corrosion inhibitors with a smaller environmental footprint. With superior corrosion inhibition, an ease of use, and economical pricing, these products are applied in a wide variety of industries. Customers around the world rate them very highly.Nitrite-free volatile corrosion inhibitors were also developed to protect the health and safety of working people who use them. They also contribute to better working environments.

Our corrosion control specialists are able to make custom proposals on a company-by-company basis.

Daiwa Fine Chemicals corrosion inhibitor sales representatives are all certified as corrosion control specialists by the Japan Association of Corrosion Control. Tell us your requirements and concerns and we will advise you on the corrosion-inhibiting treatment methods best suited to your individual needs.

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