A Message from our President

Supported by our 'three pillars of creativity,' we boldly seek new challenges.

Yoshiaki Okuhama, President of the Daiwa Kasei Group

Daiwa Fine Chemicals was founded in 1963 as a trading company specializing in food-processing and industrial chemicals. Four years later, Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Laboratory) was incorporated to spearhead our effort to develop original technologies. In the half century since, we have grown exponentially and now handle a comprehensive range of organic and inorganic chemical products. We specialize in organic chemistry, and have built up a wealth of original technology throughout the whole corporate group in three main areas: surface finishing, fine chemicals, and food materials.
We test boundaries, invent things no one has ever dreamed of, and most importantly, seek to make people happy. To that end, our business is founded on three pillars of creativity—innovation, originality, and collaboration—which underscore our devotion to providing customers with products, technologies, and services that generate new value.
As science advances at a mind-boggling pace, we endeavor to assert our presence in this field of unlimited potential by making human resource development our utmost priority. We encourage each of our employees to dream big dreams for the future of science, to be ambitious and passionate, and to take on challenges without fear of failure. Through this stance, we hope to contribute to the future of scientific endeavor.

Innovation, originality and collaboration have been the watchwords of the Daiwa Kasei Group ever since its foundation.