A Message from Our President

Supported by our three pillars of creativity,
challenging the unknown to be a corporate group worthy of its place in society.

Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. was founded in 1963 by its founder, Yoshiaki Okuhama, as a trading company dealing in processed food products and industrial chemicals. Four years later, Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd (Laboratory) was established to do research and development work as well as manufacturing. One of the things that makes the Daiwa Kasei Group unique is the great balance we can strike between our own manufactured products and the products we also carry from other companies. We grow our business into a wide variety of different product categories, starting from metal finishing chemicals, fine chemicals, and inorganic industrial chemicals to products that might not obviously appear to be related, including food materials and feedstuffs. Our originality is apparent in each category we work in.

There are three business strategies for the Daiwa Kasei Group: Ecological Approaches, Niche Approaches, and Global Approaches. Our work to develop solutions that include cyanide-free silver plating solutions and oil-free volatile corrosion inhibitors demonstrates both our commitment to technologies and products that are kinder to the environment as well as our need to realize a sustainable society.
We have captured significant market share, despite our existence within a niche market. We are also strengthening our global business for products that include feedstuffs and food materials for our Overseas Business Department.

We do things no one has done before and create products that no one can imitate. Our three fundamental pillars of creativity work to further highlight the importance of our in-house technologies for niche markets that larger companies would not touch. Those same three pillars also signal the value of the Daiwa Kasei Group as we share our unique products with the world. We are Chemical Innovators. All of us here will continue to work hard to develop new and interesting products. In doing so, we will increase our value as a group for the future. We can’t wait to show you what we can do.

President of the Daiwa Kasei Group

The Daiwa Kasei Group’s Spirit

“Three pillars of creativity”

The Daiwa Kasei Group has always advocated an intrepid corporate spirit based on
three fundamental pillars of creativity: innovation, originality, and collaboration.

Every employee carries on the spirit of these ideas to pursue
a dream of working in science to create things the world has never seen before.