Additive or reactive: DAINSORB® ultraviolet absorber is unlike any other in the world

Ultraviolet absorbers

Industrial material film coverings, automobile paints, building materials, electronic materials, solar battery sheets, and many products essential to our lifestyles, are constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays, causing fading colors, cracking, and malfunction. DAINSORB® is a benzotriazole ultraviolet absorber with superior absorption capabilities, and comes in two varieties.

Prevents discoloration! Meta-position substituted ultraviolet absorber
The DAINSORB® series of additives offers superior absorption, particularly of UV-A waves (315 to 400 nm), and can even limit absorption of the visible range (400 nm and beyond), thus preventing discoloration and maintaining your product’s external appearance. The DAINSORB® series is tailored to meet the wide range of our customers’ ultraviolet absorbing requirements.
No more bleed-out! Reactive ultraviolet absorber
Reactive ultraviolet absorbers make ideal ultraviolet absorbing unit polymers through a process of synthesis by co-polymerizing with the monomers that comprise high-polymer materials. This resolves a long-standing weakness of ultraviolet absorbing additives: bleed-out. Reactive ultraviolet absorbers offer weather resistance for 10+ years and are suitable for use in automobiles and building materials.
  • Ultraviolet absorbers
  • Ultraviolet absorbers
  • Ultraviolet absorbers

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From industrial organic chemical raw materials to special consumer-grade compounds, we can make it to order

Fine chemicals

As a trading company, Daiwa Fine Chemicals supplies a huge range of industries with raw materials for organic and inorganic industrial products. Daiwa Fine Chemicals (Laboratory) complements this by performing R&D into special products and organic chemical synthetics under request from customers.

  • Naphthaldehyde compound
  • Triazole compound
  • Sulfonic acid compound

Custom synthesized products

Development case of special-purpose organic synthetics
For instance, under contract from one client company, we synthesized various organic chemicals based on naphthaldehyde, and succeeded in creating a polymeric film base.
Supporting our customers’ research through synthesis under contract
Global competition demands that companies pursue research and development aggressively. As experts in fine chemicals, we at the Daiwa Kasei Group put our organic synthesis and microanalysis technologies to use by offering laboratory-scale organic synthesis under contract, thus providing customers a more efficient avenue for R&D.
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  • Custom synthesized products
  • Custom synthesized products
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