Ultraviolet Absorbersand Fine Chemicals


Ultraviolet Absorbers

The DAINSORB® Series helps reduce the ultraviolet radiation-induced deterioration of plastics.

Many plastic products, indispensable for our daily lives, are constantly at risk of different types of deterioration, including discoloring, cracking, and breakages as a result of exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The DAINSORB® series of products include benzotriazole-based ultraviolet absorbers for better absorption. Two types are available. Reactive ultraviolet absorbers have unique features not found at any other company and are being used for more and more applications.

Fine Chemicals

We are able to respond with customer-grade products, from organic industrial materials to custom products.

We leverage our trading operations to provide raw materials for organic and inorganic industrial products in a wide range of industrial sectors. Furthermore, manufacturer Daiwa Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Laboratory) supplies consumer-grade specialty products that customers order.

Supporting our customers’ research through synthesis under contract

Global competition demands that companies pursue research and development aggressively. As experts in fine chemicals, we at the Daiwa Kasei Group put our organic synthesis and microanalysis technologies to use by offering laboratory-scale organic synthesis under contract, thus providing customers a more efficient avenue for R&D.
Case study of products developed to order
We synthesized various organic chemicals based on naphthaldehyde, and succeeded in creating a polymeric film base.